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How Does No-Bid Federal Contracting Work?

Every year the US Federal Government must file an enormous $600 billion+ dollar budget designed to maintain, support, and supply thousands of government agencies all across America. Maintaining such a vast infrastructure is a massive undertaking. As a bi-product, Federal Agencies spend BILLIONS of dollars a year in maintenance, repair, and operations with an incredible number of companies across the country. Federal Agencies include:

  • Post Office

  • IRS

  • Department of Defense

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • DoD Army-Navy-Air Force

  • Department of Veteran Affairs

  • Coast Guard

  • + many, many more…

The Center For Business Innovation and International Association of U.S. Government Contractors, jointly offer a No-Bid Federal Government Contract Coaching Program that removes all the guesswork and gives our students the confidence they need to begin their journey as a Government Contractor.

Contracts are awarded by Federal Agencies in two ways:

  1. Bidding: The bidding process occurs when multiple companies bid on a contract to build a project or sell goods or services at a given price… typically…with the lowest bidder getting the job. Bidding is a complicated process that requires an 80 page or longer bid and often needs to be completed by an experienced, expensive consultant. In addition, without Federal Contracting experience it is nearly impossible to get a Federal Contract when bidding.

  2. No-Bid: The No-Bid process requires business owners to form relationships with Federal decision-makers. So, relationship building is KEY to the No-Bid process. Contracts of $150,000 or less are nearly always No-Bid and No-Bid contracts can be as great as $13M per contract.

EARN $300,000 TO $1,000,000

Or Much More...

Get access to no-bid federal contracts by getting verified as a procurement ready small business. ​The Federal Government has a constant, urgent need for goods and services that, by law, must be provided by procurement-ready small businesses.

Federal government buyers simply do not have enough procurement-ready small businesses to fulfill their contracting needs, either because these businesses do not have the necessary paperwork or currently do not have the capacity to complete the job.

The result is that 9 of 10 contracts that should go to small businesses are going to big businesses instead!


Recession-proof your business with the biggest client you could potentially acquire, Federal Government Agencies. In turbulent economic times, No-Bid Federal Contracts can help you build stability for your business, with on-time consistent cashflow.

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